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Private Data Policy Act PDPA 2010 Malaysia

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010 – An Overview

Malaysia has recently implemented its own version of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010. This will have many implications for companies engaging in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at how it might affect you, the marketer. Disclaimer: Nothing written here constitutes legal advice.

7 Ways to Avoid Spam Filters & Improve Email Deliverability

What is Spam Mail Before we go into how you can avoid spam filters and improve your email deliverability, let’s look into what is spam and how spam filters work so that we’re all on the same page. There are obvious examples of spam, such as those

How to Whitelist Email Addresses

This article will show you how to whitelist email addresses on popular email clients, ensuring that you get the emails you want. “Why do my emails always end up in the spam folder?” That’s a question that we always get when we start talking about email marketing to our clients. Now, there might be many …

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