Build an Online Marketing Hub

That Attracts & Converts

CloudRock is a web design company that doesn't believe in making websites that just sit there looking pretty. Whether it's a corporate website or an online marketing hub, good web designers must build a site that serves a measurable purpose, seduce visitors and drive results.

  • End-to-End Design & Development
  • Built with the User & Business Goals in Mind
  • Lightning-Fast SSD Web Hosting Included
  • Secure, Fast & Reliable

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Our approach to our web design projects is driven by the same CloudRock philosophy as our other services, ensuring that you'll get a website that works. We believe your website should be your digital marketing hub, thus opening up your business to everyone with an Internet connection.

CloudRock's Web Design Process

1) Research | User Story Development

We find out more about your company, business goals and what your expectations are for your website. We recommend you download and read through our Creative Brief before our meeting.

We look at issues such as your sales cycle, competition, and aesthetic direction among others so that we can fully understand your needs.

User Personas
Website Sitemap

2) Strategy | Content Strategy & Wireframes

Based on your requirements, we create your site's wireframes, prototypes and develop your content strategy. This document shows how the content and information on your website will be organized and assessed by your visitors.

3) Design | Design Approvals

We look through the research and strategy documents and begin building your visual identity. This entails implementing consistent brand visuals that are in line with your overarching branding strategy and business goals.

Web Development Malaysia
Refining Your Web Design

4) Develop | Programming & Content Upload

Once the design has been approved, we begin the programming and development phase to bring your website to life. We integrate your copy, images and other digital media as discussed.

5) Quality Assurance | Requirements Met

We tie up all the loose ends and make your website customer ready. We test for and fix all major bugs and check your links and functions to ensure they work properly.

We'll have a review meeting, either in person or virtually, look over your website and determine if any minor changes need to be made.

Review Your New Website
Release New Website

6) Launch | Handover of Website

We launch your website in a live environment. It's alive!

We tidy up all the little tasks typically involved in a web design project such as packaging source files,training, preparing for website maintenance and so on.

Signs You Need
CloudRock's Web Design Services

  • You've been receiving little to zero leads.
  • You don't even know how many quality visitors you're getting.
  • You can't remember the last time you reviewed your website's performance.
  • You're not looking for only dev execution, but wan't a professionally-guided digital strategy.

Ready to find out more?

If you do decide to work with us, most our time - and therefore, your budget - will be spent trying to understand your customer journey and business model, figuring out what content is needed to persuade, pre-empt possible objections and reduce buyer friction, measuring what matters to you and positioning your website such that you can use it to scale your digital marketing.