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digital marketing clients

...and many others

Highlighted Case Studies


They have been doing SEO for the past five years, with mixed results. Only one or two keywords were ranking in the first page of Google. After 2012 (and the emergence of Panda and Penguin), none of their keywords ranked so they decided to shop around for a new SEO agency.

Industry: Industrial Vacuum Pumps
Services: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Learn how CloudRock took over and accelerated their SEO efforts of this B2B.


A large Japanese insurance company wanted to enter the Malaysian market and we needed to increase awareness, visibility and ultimately leads. They tried using traditional advertising methods such as running ads on major local newspapers but achieved very limited results.

Industry: Financial Services Industry
Services: Lead Generation Packages

Learn how CloudRock increased their leads and revenue through digital marketing.


Tasked with educating the market and combating the rise of illegal real estate negotiators, CloudRock was a part of a multi-agency team that executed a 360° integrated marketing campaign that drove results via traditional and new media.

Industry: Government
Services: Various

Learn how their integrated marketing campaign went.


While other SEO companies make bold claims without any proof to back things up, we have established a proven process to ensure consistent results regardless of any Google updates. These are some of the results of our whitehat, user-focused and content-heavy search engine optimisation services.

Industry: Various
Services: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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