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Your website is one of your most important marketing channels you own. It's typically the first experience a prospect has with your brand. It is tirelessly spreading your message and selling for you every hour of the day. It is the hub of all your digital marketing activities.

If you have ever managed a website before, you know that it takes a fair bit of work to keep it running smoothly. The last thing you want to happen is to have your website fail at the worst possible moment.

If your website is critical to your business, then CloudRock's Website Maintenance Service is the solution for you.

  • White Glove Website Maintenance Ensures Complete Peace of Mind
  • Focus on Creating Content and Getting Leads
  • From Backups to Monitoring, Have Everything Taken Care Of
  • Professional Consultation on Improving Your Digital Presence

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How Much is Your Time Worth?

Designing and developing a website is one challenge; maintaining it is another. Most companies are surprised when they realize that it actually takes quite a bit of work to keep a website up and running after it has been built. Uploading and maintaining content is just the beginning - you then have to schedule regular backups, monitor uptime, keep it secure (especially from those pesky DDOS attacks) and so on.

Not every company can or wants to dedicate the resources to bring their website maintenance services in-house. In our experience, here are some of the most common scenarios:

  • If you already have a large IT team managing your IT infrastructure, then most requests regarding website updates, changes and improvements will usually take days or weeks to be actioned upon. Considering the fast-paced nature of digital marketing, this is usually unacceptable.
  • Hiring a dedicated person to just take care of your website is usually overkill. A professional costs upwards of $3,500 a month and even then, they might not have the necessary experience in maintaining websites (best practices, future-proofing etc) due to the general nature of their training.

Enter CloudRock's Web Maintenance Services.

We provide cost-effective, responsive and comprehensive web maintenance services to ensure that you never have to worry about the availability of your website again. We offer two levels of Web Maintenance Services - Core and White Glove. Read on to learn more about them.

Core Web Maintenance Services

Suitable for Most Clients' Needs

Website Core Updates

Your website CMS / Core needs to be frequently updated so that it works properly and does not leave itself vulnerable to security flaws. We'll ensure it is always up-to-date.

Content Upload & Management

Your website needs to be constantly updated with fresh content to attract and retain visitors. You worry about creating great content, we'll make sure it looks just as good online.

Awesome Support

Each of our plan comes with a dedicated developer who will take care of your website as if it was his / her own. Most service requests get attended to within 24-48 hours.

Weekly Backups

Backups are mission critical and we ensure that your website backups are always up-to-date in case of disaster. With backups, it's never 'if' but 'when' you will need them.

Unlimited Tweaks & Small Jobs

Why pay full hourly rates for small jobs and website tweaks? Get unlimited support and small 30-minute jobs completed whenever they are needed. One job at a time.

Free Hosting Migrations

Your hosting is a critical component to a website that is fast, smooth and responsive. We'll handle website migrations across web hosts if you ever feel the need to change.

Security Audits

It might surprise you, but most of our clients don't even realize that their websites have been compromised until we point it out to them. Our audit ensures that your website will be kept safe.

Spam Cleanup & DB Optimization

We help clean up those annoying spam comments that, if left unchecked, could hurt your search engine rankings. We also ensure that your database is running smoothly.

Discounted Developer Hours

Are you looking to make a major site improvement or add a new feature? Get a third off our usual developer hourly prices when you're a web maintenance client.

White Glove Maintenance Services
Perfect for Business-Critical Websites

Staging Environment

Want to make changes but worried that those might break your site? We create a safe staging environment that allows you to test any modifications before making them on your live website.

Daily Offsite Backups

Weekly backups not good enough for you? We backup your site every single day and place them offsite in a secure environment for disaster recovery. We keep up to 7 backups at any one time.

Speed Optimization

A fast website is table stakes in this mobile world. We help optimize your website for speed via caching, minifying code and optimizing images.

24/7 Security Monitoring

We help ensure that your website is secure and malware-free 24/7/365. In the event that your website is compromised, we will clean up and restore it for you - for free.

Webmaster Tools Management

The Google Search Console is the primary way Google communicates to individual webmasters. We will help you set it up and fix any critical issues that come up.

MORE Discounted Developer Hours

Clients for our White Glove Web Maintenance Services get to enjoy even more discounts off our developer hourly pricing. Get half price off on any major modifications.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Have you ever wondered how much traffic your website gets? Now get analytics reports sent to your email addresses every month and always be up-to-date.

Premium Plugins

We maintain a library of some of the best premium plugins available. Where applicable, we will replace some of your free ones (that might no longer be supported) with premium ones. For WordPress sites only.

Digital Marketing Consultation

We're primarily a marketing company, not an IT company. We just manage websites very well. Get digital marketing advice from the same people who run million-dollar campaigns.

Need Even More? Don't Worry, We Have You Covered.

Web Maintenance Services + Managed Cloud Hosting

The performance of your website is heavily dependant on your infrastructure. What happens if The New York Times mentions your site and sends a ton of traffic your way? If you're not prepared, everything will come crashing down. Couple our web maintenance services with our managed cloud hosting to ensure that your website is always ready for your lucky break.

Web Maintenance Services + SEO

Your website is a powerful marketing tool if you're using it right. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). CloudRock offers trusted and proven SEO Services that help rocket your site to the top of the search engines.