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Control Your Brand Narrative Online & Turn Your Audience into Loyal Fans

Social media is a cornerstone of modern digital marketing, especially in Asia. It allows brands - both large and small - to reach out and communicate with their fans in a personable, human way. CloudRock, a dynamic social media agency, can help you build relationships, encourage action and nurture brand advocacy with an effective social media strategy.

  • Increase your fan base on core channels
  • Control your brand narrative on social media
  • Turn bo-chap customers into raving, loyal advocates

Why You Should Work With

The CloudRock® Social Media Company

As a social media company based in Asia, we develop and manage exciting social media campaigns that help you create a strong online presence for your company. This is essential if you are hoping to establish a loyal following of fans online.

As your trusted social media agency, we will work with you to define the kind of user you should be targeting as well as the channels you might consider using to maximise your website and social traffic as well as conversions from social channels.

We use various social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ every day and know each one's idiosyncracies. We know the issues involved in getting past Facebook's complex newsfeed algorithm. When you work with us, you take advantage of this knowledge to help you grow your brand online.

Get on Social Media To


Whether you know it or not, people are talking about you and your brand online. Join the conversation and ensure your messaging is heard, and heard correctly.

Exciting Social Media Campaigns Will


Gain your customers' goodwill and get top-of-mind awareness with engaging, 'hot' social media content.

Get on the Right Path To


While social media is great for increasing awareness and engagement, it is also a viable channel for sales. Create the right content to convert fans into customers.

Social Media Process

Step #01

Client Onboarding

We bring you and your team onboard and prep everyone on what to expect when working with CloudRock® for your social media campaigns.

Step #02

Research & Strategy

We conduct in-depth persona, audience and competitor research to determine which social media content and engagement strategies will work best for your brand.

Step #03

Setup & Production

We set up your Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram accounts and begin production on your social media content. We also ensure workflows and processes are properly in place.

Step #04

Activation Campaign

We create an exciting event, contest or campaign to attract attention and start off your social media efforts on the right foot. This may also have offline elements.

Step #05

On-Going Engagement

Unlike traditional advertising, social media is a two-way channel. How you engage with your audience plays a huge role in your success.

Step #06

Reporting & Iteration

Social media is an on-going endeavour. Each period, we will create in-depth reports to determine what works and what doesn't to guide future efforts.

Social Media Services & Packages

Set the Right Strategy

Social Media Audit & Playbook

We audit your current social media presence and strategies and develop a social media playbook to guide future efforts.

Excite Your Audience

Social Activation & Contests

It's no secret that audiences love contests on social media. We create bespoke events or online contests to generate buzz.

Create the Right Content

Content Strategy & Creation

We help you plan, conceptualise and create social media content that will interest your audience on a regular basis.

Join the Conversation

Social Media Engagement

Social media is fast becoming a brand's most important touchpoint. But not all brands know how to take advantage of it.

Boost Your Presence

Social Media Advertising

Whether we like it or not, social channels such as Facebook are now pay-to-play. We help you effectively mobilise your ad budgets.

Know More & Do More

Social Listening & Intelligence

Social listening will help you extract key insights from social conversations to inform your content creation and strategic initiatives.


Ahmad Tea

We created a comprehensive Facebook campaign strategy that increased their fan base by over 10,000 fans a year. Brand engagement shot through the roof as well.


Colavita Olive Oil

We created a comprehensive Facebook campaign strategy that increased their fan base by over 10,000 fans a year. We worked with third-party channels to create exciting contests to engage their core audiences.

Regain Control of Your Digital Presence

Start Social Media with CloudRock®

Contact us now and let's see how we can grow your brand. Here's what's going to happen when you contact us about your social media campaigns.

  1. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours of you filling up our contact form.
  2. We'll get on an initial exploratory phone call to determine if we might be a good fit.
  3. If we are, we will arrange a longer briefing, either in person or online, to better understand your goals so that we can prepare a customised proposal.
  4. Once you sign off on the proposal, we begin the Client Onboarding process.

This process usually takes one to two weeks, so it's good to get started soon. Don't worry if you're not sure about a few details, such as which plan might be more suitable for you. Just drop us a message and one of our consultants would be happy to help.