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Digital Marketing Roundup: Dec 2016 Edition

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SEO & Web Design News

WordPress to Require HTTPS in 2017

WordPress has announced that it will start requiring that websites have SSL implemented in 2017 in order to use certain features. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the means by which an encrypted link is established between a web server and a browser. By encrypting the connection, you can be sure that the data passed between the web server and browser remains private. They might also require that hosts use PHP7 by default next year.

SEO and Digital Trends in 2017

This is the time when thought leaders make their predictions about the coming year. From preparing for a mobile-first world, to the rise in use of natural language to optimising for Position #0, Gianluca Fiorelli goes into his predictions for SEO and digital marketing trends for 2017.

Tactical Keyword Research in a RankBrain World

The emergence Rankbrain is one of the most interesting developments in SEO so far. Created with the goal of teaching machines how to discover the relationships between words, it is a more advanced method of measuring relevance. Learn how it changes your approach to keyword research.

5 Takeaways from Earning Links in 130 Countries

Based on her experience from building links across the globe, Kerry Jones shares with us five key things she learned. A great read for those planning to embark on international SEO projects.



Stop Looking at Keyword Search Volume (And Look Here Instead)

The Keyword Search Volume data from the Google Keywords Planner has always been an important resource for SEOs when conducting their keyword research. However, Google has slowly been obfuscating keyword data over time. Most recently, they implemented showing only search volume ranges instead of exact search volumes. Here’s an alternative method to determine keywords you should target.


Social Media News

Big 2017 Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know

What will be some of the biggest social media marketing trends in 2017? Danny Goodwin polls 26 marketing experts and comes up with video, influencer marketing and bots. Learn more in the article.

5 Under-the-Radar Social Media Studies to Make You A Smarter Marketer

Here are some interesting studies on social media that can guide your social media strategy as we head into 2017. Interesting findings include discovering that 1/3 of Instagram users are on Instagram for ‘surveillance’ (aka stalking) and that social media can be used to increase customer loyalty.

Yep, it’s True: Facebook Collections, a Competitor to Snapchat Discover, is on the Way

Facebook has recently been under fire for the fake news being published on its website (that led to a shooting in one tragic case). In a bid to stem this, Facebook is in talks with publishers to launch Facebook Collections, which is essentially curated and validated articles.

Facebook Rolls out Another Method to Make you Watch Live Videos

Facebook is pushing its Facebook Live video feed pretty hard. It has rolled out yet another enhancement to encourage users to view Live videos. The social media giant will show a small video feed at the bottom right hand corner of your mobile news feed whenever one of your friends is on Facebook Live.


PPC News

24 Experts on the Big 2017 PPC Trends You Need to Know

After you’re done learning more about social media trends, find out how you can use PPC to drive more traffic, leads and conversions in another expert roundup article by Danny Goodwin here.