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Facebook is probably the most popular social network in Malaysia with over 9,000,000 active users here. Studies have also shown that we are among the most active users of Facebook in the world. Facebook also has access to much richer information on its users - from gender, age, interests to relationship statuses and travel habits. With Facebook Advertising, you can now target Facebook's user base to a very granular level, thus helping you ensure that your messages and ads reach the right people.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

As mentioned, Facebook allows you to target its user base to a very granular level, which is something traditional ad platforms do not offer. You get more than just rough readership / viewership numbers and can slice and dice the audience as you need to.

How much and how often you want to spend on Facebook advertising is also up to you. One of the reasons Facebook advertising is so cost-effective is that you can choose to use the pay-per-click model (similar to Google AdWords) whereby you only get charged when someone clicks on your advertisement.