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SEO Pricing & Quotations

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SEO Pricing, Quotations & Costs
Quite often, we get inquiries that end with ‘What are your SEO prices?’ or ‘Can you please send us a SEO quotation?’ Of course, that’s a reasonable request (most of our clients are used to asking for quotations from their vendors first, after all), and there are SEO companies who offer cookie-cutter solutions and instant, templated quotations.

But that’s not how our approach to SEO works.

As we have outlined in several other posts, we don’t offer SEO packages or blind quotations and provide custom quotes only after examining your requirements.

  • Each Engagement is Different – We don’t offer any SEO ‘packages’ because we believe each engagement is different. An SEO campaign can run the whole gamut from just a SEO analysis to a new web design to link building to a managed content marketing solution. Until we know what we’re working with and to what end, we’ll be unable to provide an SEO pricing. What we do is follow a well-defined SEO process.
  • Program Built Around Your Goals & Budget – As you already know, we will be unable to give any costing or fees off-the-cuff, but it is likely that we can prioritise and customise your campaigns according to your budget, goals and timeline. We believe that this allows us to provide you with a more suitable solution for your business. It also ensures that the costs and deliverables are agreeable to both of us.

Okay, no SEO price yet then. So what happens next?

We get the ball rolling the moment you contact us. Here’s what you will go through:

  1. One of my colleagues will respond to your email to confirm your request and contact details.
  2. We’ll take a quick look at your website to get a high level view your business.
  3. You’ll get a quick phone call to provide us with more details and to set up the Discovery meeting. Discovery can happen either in-person or through the phone (if you’re out of Klang Valley) and usually within the next 3 working days.
  4. During the Discovery meeting, we will determine requirements, expectations and goals and resources available (including your budget).
  5. We’ll present a proposal for your review within the next few days.
  6. We can start working together once you formally accept the proposal.

The whole process is simple, smooth and usually takes less than a week, depending on both of our availability.

At the end of it, you know that you’re getting a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your company.

Alright, so let’s get you started right now!