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8 of Our Favourite SEO Articles For August 2013

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SEO Article Roundups

It’s been a busy July here at CLOUDROCK with a ton of new web design and SEO clients coming on-board. We’re definitely looking forward to the coming Hari Raya Holidays. In the meantime, here’s this month’s list of SEO articles that we would love to share with you.

  1. The Four Things Google Added To Their DO NOT Do List

    If you hadn’t noticed, Google recently expanded on their Webmaster Guidelines and added several more link building tactics that are no longer acceptable. These are:

    (a) Large scale article marketing and guest posting that have keyword-rich anchor text links;
    (b) Keyword-rich anchor text in articles or press releases distributed to other sites;
    (c) Low quality bookmark or directory links;
    (d) Forum comments with optimized links.

    So what can you do now to avoid getting beaten down by the Big G? Nick Stamoulis has some answers. [Link]

  2. After Google Penalizes Your Site, Those Who Stole Your Content Will Rank Above You

    This is both sad and true. The only way you can solve this is to reverse the penalty. [Link]

  3. 11 Things We Should Never Ever Do In Link Building Again

    Back to the theme of risky link building activities, Erin Everhart explores 11 more things we should avoid. Some may surprise you. [Link]

  4. The 10 Days of Google Panda

    Google has recently changed how Panda works. Instead of being refreshed every few months, Panda is now being rolled out monthly over the span of a few days. Grant Simmons shows how you can prepare for it. [Link]

  5. Top Tools to Help Your Semantic SEO Efforts

    We know that semantic search is becoming increasingly important. For the uninitiated, semantic search takes into consideration the context and meaning of a particular search query, rather than just the links and anchor text. Amanda DiSilvestro points out several tools to help you take advantage of it. [Link]

  6. New B2B Content Consumption Habits In An Ever-Changing Advertising Funnel

    How B2B decision makers consume and evaluate content has changed over the past few years. For one thing, trade print content is out while online content is in. And what they expect from video is markedly different from B2C prospects. Find out Katherine Janca’s take on the subject. [Link]

  7. 5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click

    What is the point of a headline? It’s to get people to read the next sentence. And a study from Conductor suggests that the more explicit a headline is as to the reader takeaway, the more persuasive it is. Nathan Safran elaborates. [Link]

  8. How to Grow: 21 Tactics to Acquire Customers

    Need some help getting more customers? Andrew Dumont gives you 21 ideas. Great if you think you’re working in a ‘boring’ niche. [Link]