Are You Making These 5 Web Design Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Web Design Mistakes?

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Are these web design mistakes getting in your way? Your website’s usually the first customer touchpoint and you definitely don’t want visitors getting a bad impression.

1) Poor Site Structure. A poor site structure leaves visitors feeling frustrated and just serves to drive them away. You want your users to find what they’re looking for fast.

Website Design Mistakes
Erm… what am I supposed to do here?

With search engine visibility being so important, try to maintain a flat website architecture. Every additional level further dilutes that page’s linkjuice.

And don’t get sucked into all those new trends in site navigation such as the neverending scroll. It might make sense for some companies, but not for B2B buyers. There’s a place for creativity, but site navigation is not it.

2) Flash Intros. I suppose some branding expert somewhere would claim that Flash intros serve a purpose. I fail to see what it may be. All it does is to add another barrier between your prospect and the information they are looking for.

3) Using Background Music.It was all the rage a few years ago but it has no place in any self-respecting B2B’s website. It’s unexpected, annoying and the first thing your visitor’s going to do is look for the mute button. And yes, this extends to those creepy website avatars that suddenly pop up. You know, the ones where a business lady suddenly appears on your screens and starts talking to you (shudders).

4) Complicated Registration Forms. Don’t try to collect too much information at one time. It’ll just put off your prospects from contacting you. Collect only what you need on your website and supplement that information later through other means. The point of your B2B website is to get leads for your sales team, after all.

5) No Clear Calls To Action. So you’ve got great design, a clear structure and engaging content. What do you want your prospect to do next? Don’t assume they know. You have to tell them! Ask them to download your white paper. Or sign up for your email list. Whatever it may be, just tell your visitors what you want them to do next.