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5 Rules for Writing Push Notifications That Get Noticed

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Push marketing has become an eminent tool to achieve customer attention and retain them over an extended period. They are more like reminders that poke users to have a look at something. Re-engaging inactive users and boosting in-app conversions are some of the primary goals fulfilled by every interactive push notification content.

Keeping these goals in mind, we have come up with five fundamental rules for creating successful push notifications. It is important for the publishers to comply with these rules for generating high ROI from their creative push notification strategy.

However, before going into the best ways to send push notifications, one should get along with the consumers’ needs.

It is essential to discover the push notification ideas that usually prove useful to your users. Therefore, let us first comprehend what consumers usually seek in ideal push notification content.

What Types of Push Notifications Engage Users?


  1. Notifications That Support Our Daily Lives

Push notifications that are simple, yet function as a support to our routine serve best to users and get massive clickthrough rates. People would hardly ignore a pop-up offering a life-hack for something that everyone needs.

For instance, this travel app’s knows the best time to send push notifications that have been designed for users who like to wander a little within the airport before the flight boarding starts:

push notifications virgin

Source: oracle.com

  1. Notifications That Encourage to Keep Them Going

Users may stop using an app or simply uninstall it if they do not find it useful anymore. This means they have not discovered anything encouraging after using it over an extended period. Push notifications that offer value to the users and encourage them to come back are great for securing good clickthrough rates and retaining existing consumers.

For instance, I do not really open my News app willingly, but every once in a while it pushes some interesting news that encourages me to open the app just to read it. Here, I am too lazy to open the app and go through every news article, but the app works out by suggesting me what to read.

  1. Personalized Notifications Based on Their Location

Imagine you making a late entry at the airport and happen to encounter a huge queue at the check-in counter. You are certain you will miss the flight now. Suddenly you are notified with something like this-

“Hurry! Sign up for priority check-in now, and avoid the rush at the check-in counter”

I know, I will have to pay a little extra for the facility, but it came to me at a very correct time and can save all that cost I would lose by missing the flight.

Not just the airport, people would not mind location-personalised messages in almost in any sphere. For example, if you are an e-Commerce store, and have retail outlets at specific locations, you can push notifications to the users who are closer to the outlet location.

push notification snip snap

Source: wigzo.com

  1. Notifications That Stimulate Excitement

Who doesn’t like deals and discounts? If you have a product launch queued up or sale campaign in near future, it would be a great idea to build excitement within your prospects with push notifications. You can leverage scarcity, the master of all persuasion techniques, to create FOMO (Fear of missing out) and communicate about the exciting deals you that you have lined up in the coming days.

Tapping into positive emotions like excitement and curiosity can play as a game changer and get higher in-app conversions using creative push notifications. For example, I would be excited when the products I put in my wish-list go up on sale.

amazon notification

Source: Amazon Mobile App

  1. Notifications to Stay Updated on Important Things

Serving this engagement factor is dissimilar for individual apps and websites. An e-Commerce marketplace may alert its users on different aspects than a food delivery app. For example, if you have a News app, whose primary usage is offering newsflash; users in that segment would want to stay abreast with all the news it provides.

You can push engaging push notifications that alert the user of vital news and updates. Despite being pushed frequently, such notifications do not clutter the notification centre. Instead, they offer value and encourage users to get back on the app.

Rules of Thumb for Writing Attractive Notifications

  1. Keep It Human

You do not want users to ignore your notifications.

Based on the content, your notifications must encourage an action from the users. The best way to send push notifications is by not letting consumers feel like you are selling to them. Successful push notification campaigns achieve this by carefully wording the messages like a human, instead of sounding like a bot or auto-generated text.

Moreover, it is also crucial to understand the best time to send push notifications. Late night delivery is always perceived as auto-generated or bot-aided triggering. Once you create a notification, devote some time into checking its tone and ask yourself whether it seems like a spam message. If it does not offer a human touch, rewrite the message until it does.

  1. Make It Personal

Stats prove that personalised marketing emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates.

Then, why cannot push notifications?

Personalisation works equally well with push messages. In 2018, everyone knows that all that generic marketing texts come from bots and they forward the same message to every other user in the contact list. The generic one-size-fits-all approach has become invalid in the current scenario.

If you want to send some successful push notifications, then start creating content that specifically pertains to the individual’s interest. It is not tough if you utilise analytics tools like Google Analytics and heat map tracking. By leveraging user data from these tools, you can effectively convey push notifications that match the interests of every individual.

  1. Keep It Clear & Brief

A research by Appboy suggests that push notifications with 25 characters or less attain a better conversion rate than the longer ones. This study applies to both: mobile and web push notifications. These days, people are bombarded with numerous push messages, emails and SMS notifications from different sources. As a result, the attention span is constantly decreasing.

People might spend a few minutes reading emails and articles; they do not really read the push messages past a few seconds. Hence, do not beat around the bush, and write your push notification content in the fewest words possible. Being clear, concise and accurate endure an effective way to launch successful push notification campaigns.

  1. Address the Pain Points

With whatever you are offering, you need to address the pain point of the consumers. Understand their needs first, and then plan a campaign that caters to them and your business goals at the same time. Provide your customers with options that will make their lives easier. Get feedback from your users to evolve continually in terms of content and value proposition of your messages. Consider triggering push notifications based on in-app behaviours and personal preferences as well.

  1. Keep It Interactive & Conversational

In any marketing campaign, message delivery is the first priority but not the ultimate goal. The readers may merely read the alert and clear the notification without acting on it. Clicking on the story is important, but it is more crucial to be able to induce a desired action from them. Push notifications are more than just breaking news alerts. They are tools for converting the simple text messages into final conversions. So, focus on the actions and encourage users to do something after reading the notifications.

For instance, you can push an abandoned cart reminder and ask the user to complete the checkout.

amazon abandoned cart reminder

Source: amazon.com and clevertap.com

Perhaps at the end of the day, you would be drawn a step closer to creating engaging push notifications, ones people would be eager to check. What is your idea on getting your push notifications noticed?


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