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Every month, there are scores of people already searching for your products and services with major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. They need to solve their problems - they need to solve them now! If they can't find your website, they will simply take their business to your competitors. That buying intent is one of the key reasons tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so effective.

As a respected SEO company, CloudRock helps companies like yours to increase their organic visibility online. Search engine traffic has one of the highest conversion rates - people are actively searching for a solution. We help ensure that they are able to find yours online.

  • Increase Relevant Traffic to Your Website
  • Get More Leads and Revenue
  • Attract, Convert & Retain Customers

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CloudRock's professional SEO Services help businesses get found online through the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. A web presence today is more than just having a website - your customers must be able to find you online. You need to increase the number of qualified visitors that your site gets. As you continue reading, you will realize how CloudRock's SEO Services will help your business.

Search Engine Optimization (otherwise known as SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's natural or organic search results. As one of the top SEO companies, CloudRock aims to get you in the Top 10 rankings or the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). In a nutshell, we do this by increasing your website's relevance and importance with regards to your chosen keywords.

With the help of local SEO providers, local businesses are now able to reap the benefits of increased online visibility. Your customers will look for and find you online when they need you. Results? You get warmer and more qualified leads.


Increase Exposure

Get your business the brand exposure it deserves by dominating the search engine rankings in Google

Increase Leads and Sales with SEO

Increase Leads & Revenue

Grow your company as we help you bring in customers who want to buy the products and services you offer

Increase Customer Base With SEO

Expand Customer Base

CloudRock's range of digital marketing services will help drive targeted prospects to your prospects

Still hesitating about SEO?

Imagine the Internet as the largest shopping center on the planet.

You would immediately understand the importance of having a great location, right? You want somewhere with great traffic, like in front of the entrance or near the escalators. This is what SEO can do for your website - placing it in front of a lot of highly targeted traffic.

Learn Why We're Different

Strategic SEO Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Our core team has run national and regional marketing departments with millions in budget. We understand that SEO is just one part of your larger marketing goals so we always take a strategic perspective.

Targeted Potential Customers with Search Engine Marketing

Customised Proposals

When you work with us, you don’t get squeezed into a one-size-fits-all SEO package. You get an optimization program that was crafted specifically to suit your business goals and competitive environment.

User Personas

User & Persona-Focused

Keyword rankings are just one part of the equation. We look beyond that and try to understand your sales funnel, your potential customers and how they behave online by creating personas.

Results Oriented SEO Services

Results-Oriented, Not Quota Driven

We’re not a sausage factory so our main concern is not losing a sale, but not being able to deliver results for you. We would, happily walk away from a deal rather than overpromise and leave you hanging.

Proven SEO Specialists

Proven SEO Results

We’ve taken over SEO campaigns from other companies and achieved extraordinary results when they couldn’t. Our white hat approach ensures that none of our clients have ever been penalised by Google.

SEO Training and Education

Education to Build Partnership

We don’t lock you in with unreasonable contracts – we lock you in by educating you and making you better at SEO. This is because we believe that the more you know about digital marketing, the better we look.

Which Has Led to SEO Results Like These...

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CloudRock SERPs Performance
SEO Company Results
Google Ranking

Ready to Get More Revenue?

Every company is different. While you can - and should - conduct your research online, nothing is better than talking to one of our SEO specialists about your specific requirements.

Learn Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO

Help Your Buyers Find Your Products

The buying process has changed.

In the past, suppliers had more power due to information asymmetry - they had much more knowledge about the market or product categories than buyers.

Today, most of your buyers conduct their information search online before they even contact your salespeople.

Research shows that around 57% - 70% of the purchase process has been completed before buyers even talk to you.

This means that (a) your customers are very knowledgeable about the product they are buying, especially if it is a high involvement product (b) if you're not influencing your potential clients during their research phase, then your competitors definitely are.

Search engine optimization helps place your company's information and collateral directly in the path of your prospect's search. They will find you when they most want to buy.

Search Engine Optimisation Brings Leads

Highly Qualified Traffic

Traffic is good. But you want traffic that converts to leads and customers. With intensive keyword research and conversion tracking, CloudRock will help you increase your online revenue by getting you highlyqualified, targeted traffic and helping you convert them to leads on your website.

Strong Online Presence

Just a few years ago, the best practices for online marketing was defined as 'having a website'.

Not anymore.

It now means that your buyers have to be able to find you online - at the exact moment when they need you. The fact is your buyers are already on Google or Yahoo searching for information - on the consumer side, 94% are already using search engines. If they can't find your website, they'll be at your competitors'.

Client-Agency Comms is Key to SEO Success

Client-Agency Comms = Key

We believe that effective Client-Agency communication is a key to a successful campaign. Each business is unique, with its own differentiation and positioning strategies and business goals. So our search engine optimization projects are designed around the specific needs of your business and your customers. We can and will be prepared to spend lots of time communicating with you because of the system and processes we have in place.

Long Term ROI

In terms of long term return-on-investment (ROI), search engine optimization is among the most profitable channels. With sustained SEO efforts, you can expect a consistent stream of highly-targeted traffic to your website for years.

One reason organic traffic is so valuable because of the buying intent behind it. A person who types in 'dentist in KL' is obviously looking for a dentist in the Kuala Lumpur area. This is a form of 'pull' marketing where users come to you.

This is direct contrast to 'push' marketing tactics such as traditional advertising where you are interrupting your potential buyers with your marketing messages.


Our SEO services follow a proven process that helps ensures success. Our process is, of course, dynamic as SEO is a constantly changing field.

CloudRock SEO Methodology

01: Analysis & Roadmap

As a local company, you need to ensure that every business activity you undertake brings you closer to achieving your business goals. Starting a SEO campaign is no different. The first stage is one of the most important stages of our SEO process. Here, our consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your website to determine what needs to be done to improve your organic traffic from Google and other major search engines.

We go beyond just examining your business from an SEO perspective, but attempt to understand your overarching business and brand goals as well. It is a cyclical process of understanding your brand with regard to business goals, target audience, industry specifications and past performance. It’s cyclical in that insights from one step often refine insights from another step in the process.

Specifically, this will involve several activities such as:

Persona Development

Personas are archetypes of the various types of people who visit your website. Creating personas allows us to better understand your audience needs and intent. This helps shape the perspective from we will perform the rest of the research.

Full Website Audit

Our website audit is a comprehensive examination of the various factors on your website that will affect any search engine optimization efforts. We manually review each factor on your website and assign a score. This is collected and you will be assigned a total SEO score for your entire website. The Website Audit helps us identify which areas we should focus on to provide the best results, fast on a client-to-client basis.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It doesn’t matter how well you’re ranking if you’re targeting the wrong keywords. Our keyword research helps ensure that we optimize for the most relevant keywords for you.

SEO Roadmap

Based on the analysis we have conducted, we will develop an action plan for the next several months. is the culmination of the research phase and outlines:

  • The high level steps that need to be taken to improve the SEO for your website
  • When they might be completed
  • Who is responsible for it
CloudRock SEO Methodology
SEO Methodology On-Page Optimization

02: Initial Optimization

SEO Content Marketing Planning

As they say, content is king. In order to drive traffic to your website and convert them to sales, you need good content. Based on the information we gathered in the earlier stages, our team will plan the types of content that will help move the needle. Depending on our SEO contract, we may also create the content for you. This content may be in a variety of formats (articles, blog posts, presentations, brochures etc).

Our SEO team comprises of published writers and copywriters so you can be confident of getting relevant, persuasive and search-optimized content. We also look at marketing collateral that your company already has and determine what we can repurpose for online use. Ensuring that the content you have on your website is of high quality is important, especially after Google's Panda and Penguin updates.

On-Page Optimization / Technical

On-Page optimization refers to the technical, on-page factors of your website that determine your ranking. For example, ensuring your content is targeted to your keyword and your site is structured properly. This means we ensure that your website is optimized not only for search engine crawlers, but also for your human visitors.

Standard Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Implementation

Off-Page Optimization / Link Building

Getting inbound links is crucial to improving your ranking. Links are like votes to your website. They help search engines determine how important a particular page is with regards to a particular query. We help you obtain links from a variety of sources and according to Google’s guidelines. A social SEO strategy might also be implemented if your company is geared for social marketing.

03: Progressive Optimization

Once we complete the initial campaign, you will begin to see a positive result in your rankings and organic traffic. Some of your keywords will be ranking on the first page of Google, others will rank on the second page and so on

Our progressive optimization phase involves coming up with and executing on a monthly plan to help further increase your organic traffic by pushing those keywords on other pages to the first page.

SEO Methodology

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