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Build Thought Leadership & Generate Warm Leads By Creating Valuable Content

Content is the currency of the Internet. With the right content, you get a chance to purchase the most valuable commodity online - Attention. By providing real value to your customers through content marketing efforts, you can:

  • Become a trusted thought leader in your industry - the ones they go to for advice
  • Generate awareness of your brand through relevant & engaging content
  • Rise above the competition by demonstrating your domain expertise

Start Creating Content

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Traditional outbound advertisements no longer command attention. To remain relevant in this click-happy world, brands have started to become storytellers, crafting and perfecting their marketing messages and packaging them in entertaining bite-sized snippets. Brands have to compete for the hearts and minds of their target audience. Modern marketers now engage in content marketing to create attractive multimedia content to attract and engage consumers.

As content marketers, our goal is not to churn out filler content. There's enough of that online. We care about helping you make a real connection with the visitors who may one day become your customers. In order to do that, we need to get inside their minds to learn which topics they care about.

Use Your Content To

Build Your Thought Leadership

Gain top-of-mind awareness and build thought leadership by creating inspiring and valuable content

Use Your Content To

Build Your Thought Leadership

Gain top-of-mind awareness and build thought leadership by creating inspiring and valuable content

Get the Right Attention

Control your brand narrative online by creating content that guides and instructs

Get the Right Attention

Control your brand narrative online by creating content that guides and instructs

Create Helpful Content To

Move Your Buyer Journey Forward

Ensure that your content addresses all of the buyers' concerns and questions during their buying journey

Create Helpful Content To

Move Your Buyer Journey Forward

Ensure that your content addresses all of the buyers' concerns and questions during their buying journey

CloudRock® Content Marketing Process

Step #01


StrategyFirst includes setting your marketing goals, executing a content audit, conducting management interviews, and understanding your buyer personas.

Step #02

Build Foundation

We need a proper home for your content. We build your marketing foundation to ensure that it's conducive to incoming traffic and lead generation.

Step #03

Content Creation

Based on our content plan, we start creating the necessary content assets. This includes both regular blog posts as well as lead magnets. 

Step #04

Gated Content

Create gated content to help you develop leads by getting visitors to exchange their details for valuable content.

Step #05

Content Promotion

Now that we have started creating interesting content, we need to promote it across your paid, earned and owned channels to generate engagement.

Step #06

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads over time via email to 'warm' them up and get them ready to buy.

Content Writing & Creation Services

Examine Existing Content

Content Audit

We look through your current assets to determine which content works and which doesn't. This may include a content gap analysis

Content Marketing Excellence

Strategic Management

Strategic approach and management of your content marketing efforts to ensure content is relevant, valuable and moves the customer journey forward

A Stable Foundation

On-Page Optimisation

Ensure that your website and content hub adheres to both search engine and usability best practices so as to encourage more traffic and consumption

Wide Variety of Content

Content Creation

We help you create a wide variety of engaging content such as blog posts, long-form articles, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos and more

Facilitate Value Exchange

Lead Magnet Creation

Lead magnets are more valuable pieces of content that your visitors would be willing to give up their contact details for.

Need to Grow?

Social Promotion

We help created social media posts to promote your content on the social media channels where your audience lives on

Become a Thought Leader & Gain Leads

Content Marketing Services in Singapore || CloudRock®

Contact us now and let's see how we can grow your brand. Here's what's going to happen once you fill in our form for content marketing services in Singapore.

  1. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours of you filling up our contact form.
  2. We'll get on an initial exploratory phone call to determine if we might be a good fit.
  3. If we are, we will arrange a longer briefing, either in person or online, to better understand your goals so that we can prepare a customised proposal.
  4. Once you sign off on the proposal, we begin the Client Onboarding process.

This process usually takes one to two weeks, so it's good to get started soon. Don't worry if you're not sure about a few details, such as which plan might be more suitable for you. Just drop us a message and one of our consultants would be happy to help.

How Does Content Marketing Work?


Understanding your buyer's journey is one of the most important aspects of not only your content marketing strategy, but of your overall marketing efforts. Fortunately, the high level steps remain the same for most companies - Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

AWARENESS: Also known as Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU), this is where people start looking for answers to their problems, resources, educational content, research data, opinions and insights.

CONSIDERATION: Also known as Middle-of-the-Funnel (MOFU), this is where people are doing in-depth research on whether or not your product or service is a good fit for them.

DECISION: Also known as Bottom-of-the-Funnel (BOFU), this is where people are figuring out exactly what it would take to become a customer.


Think about the last time you closed a sale. You had to build brand awareness, identify pain points, present a solution, educate your prospect on the benefits of your solution, prove credibility and answered objections before asking for the cheque / PO.

Content marketing does the same, exact that it's online and you can convince and convert multiple people at the same time and over a longer period of time than a face-to-face meeting.


Creating content is not merely about getting leads (although that is one of the great benefits). There are many other ways where your content can help your company. Let's run through a few scenarios of Cathy, a marketing manager searching for a web development company.

FINDING YOUR BRAND: Cathy is searching for some general information on website trends and comes across your article, 'Website Trends to Watch Out For'. She is introduced to your brand for the first time.

BUILD TRUST: She starts reading your other articles and finds them insightful and useful. Over time, she starts trusting your content, and by extension, your brand.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Because she consumes your content, the next time she thinks of designing a website, she immediately thinks of your brand. She mentions snippets of your content to her friends whenever the subject of web design comes up.

LEAD GENERATION: You release an eBook (lead magnet) called 'Web Design Mistakes to Avoid'. Her interest is piqued and she exchanges her contact details for the first time to download it. You follow up with highly targeted, automated email messages.

PERSUASIVE MESSAGING: After a few months, her company has finally decided to redesign their website. Because she's an avid reader of your blog, she uses it as a resource to plan her Request for Quotation and Scope of Work.

SHORTEN LEAD TIME: She finally contacts your sales team to ask for a proposal. Since she already 'knows' you and trusts your brand, you're her top choice for the job. She's confident in making a decision because she has been educated by your content, and wants to make it fast.

CUSTOMER INSIGHTS: Since she filled in a form on your website, she becomes 'known' and you can track her on an individual level. Your sales team examine the content she has consumed and plan their meetings accordingly based on her interests and concerns.

SALES ENABLEMENT: During her meetings with your sales team, they constantly refer to the content you have created to answer her questions. This helps you stay on brand as everyone says the same message.

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