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A sustainable and replenish-able source of leads is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. With the Internet, you now have even more choices to experiment with in order to get those much-coveted leads. But why is it that so many businesses are having trouble getting leads online?

CloudRock® has a proven and tested lead generation process that helps clients like you generate highly qualified leads from their digital marketing activities.

  • Take advantage of our proven process to generate leads
  • Build a legit funnel - no dodgy database-selling or invasive methods
  • Creative lead generation solutions for every industry

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Some business owners wrongly believe that just because they have a website, they will get leads. That's simply not true. There are many factors involved in trying to turn website visitors into leads such as page load speed,  site design and how your copy is written.

We take care of all of these factors when you sign up with CloudRock® for our sales lead generation services. You spend your time turning these sales leads into paying customers.


Our team will work with you to create a persuasive presence and a landing page that will help convert visitors into leads. The landing page has to persuasively deliver your USPs and get visitors into the next stage of the sales funnel e.g. request quotation.


Once the landing page has been set up, we have to drive relevant and targeted traffic to your landing page. There are various channels online such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Bing etc that we can use to drive traffic to the landing page.


You can't just set-and-forget a lead generation campaign. You will need to keep adjusting the various factors along the way if you want to hit your ROI objective. On a daily basis, we examine the effect of the ads, keywords targeted, behaviour on site and so on.

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Contact us now and let's see how we can grow your brand. Let's give you an idea of what's going to happen once you contact about your sales lead generation services.

  1. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours of you filling up our contact form.
  2. We'll get on an initial exploratory phone call to determine if we might be a good fit.
  3. If we are, we will arrange a longer briefing, either in person or online, to better understand your goals so that we can prepare a customised proposal.
  4. Once you sign off on the proposal, we begin the Client Onboarding process.

This process usually takes one to two weeks, so it's good to get started soon. Don't worry if you're not sure about a few details, such as which plan might be more suitable for you. Just drop us a message and one of our consultants would be happy to help.