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Understanding SEO Services Pricing in Singapore

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

If you have been searching for SEO Services in Singapore, you must have come across many different prices and costing models from various SEO companies in Singapore. While it may seem confusing, the fact is that SEO services pricing in Singapore varies depending on what is included and the quality of service.

In general, the cost of hiring an SEO company in Singapore in 2018 can range from S$500/month to S$5,000/month or more. A one-time SEO project may cost between S$6,000 to S$50,000 depending on the size and complexity of your website. If you would rather hire hourly, you can hire an SEO consultant for $140 to $250 per hour.

As a boutique digital marketing company, at CloudRock® Singapore, we do not have pre-defined SEO packages where we try to fit every company into. We're not trying to be a factory. We believe that every company is unique, and we create custom SEO plans that takes your unique situation into consideration. 

When you contact us to become a new SEO client, you will undergo a 'Discovery' process where we learn more about your company and goals. Only after going through this process will we send you a bespoke SEO quotation. The result - you get a customised SEO plan that suits you like a glove and makes sure that every resource is used effectively.

As a guide, the majority of CloudRock's SEO campaigns in Singapore cost between S$850 to S$1,500 a month. Most of our SEO services don't exceed S$1,500/mth except in exceptional circumstances or unless you need other services as well.

While we can't give you an exact breakdown right now, you can be assured that we are very transparent in our pricing and deliverables and what you will get when you subscribe to our SEO services in Singapore. When you partner with CloudRock for search engine optimisation, you can expect:

  • A Customised SEO plan that takes into consideration your unique circumstances
  • A scalable SEO and digital marketing plan
  • Affordable and detailed pricing
  • A team of experienced SEO experts working on your account
  • Our proven track record of SEO results

If you're ready to start talking about your specific situation, reach out to us by filling up the contact form or via chat.

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