10+ Interesting Social Media Statistics (2018)

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Singapore is one of the most connected cities in the world, with an Internet penetration rate of 82%. Social media has also taken hold of the population, with over 77% of the population reported being social media users.

We look at some of the key social media statistics in Singapore that can help every marketing and social media professional better plan their strategies.

Singapore Internet Penetration & Usage Statistics

Singapore has a population of 5.74 million.

Singapore has an 82% Internet penetration rate. This is much higher than the global average rate of 50%.

internet penetration by country

Singapore’s mobile penetration rate of 86% is the highest in the region.

Singapore has an average Internet speed of 18.2 mbps which is 3 times the global average of 6.3 mbps.

Singapore Social Media Statistics

Singapore has 4.4 million active social media users, representing 77% of the total population.

social media statistics 2018

This places Singapore in the top three countries globally in terms of social media penetration. Only United Arab Emirates (99%) and South Korea (77%).

According to an AIA survey, 2 in 3 Singaporeans admit that they have a social networking and Internet addiction.

Singaporeans are also a more discerning group and have less tolerance for irrelevant brand communications. One in five (22%) say they ‘actively ignore’ social posts by brands.

However, 40% of younger Singaporeans (16 – 24 year olds) say they trust what people say online about brands more official sources.

70% of social media users assess their accounts using mobile. This is double the global average of 34%.

Facebook Statistics in Singapore

There are 3.5 million people on Facebook in Singapore.

Of this, 3.2 access Facebook on their mobile devices.

1 in 4 Singaporeans on Facebook browse the platform even while watching television, spending 17 minutes out of a whole TV hour on their Newsfeed.

Facebook has made a deal with the Singapore government to place its 143,000 civil servants on Facebook Workplace. The Singapore government hopes that it will be more successful than its failed intranet attempt in 2013 called ‘Cube’.

Instagram & Snapchat Statistics in Singapore

instagram & snapchat in Singapore 2016

63% of connected consumers use Instagram in Singapore in 2017 (a growth from 51% in 2014). This places it third in the region, behind Malaysia (73%) and Hong Kong (70%).

Despite doubling from 19% to 37% within a year, Snapchat usage in Singapore is still behind countries such as Hong Kong (46%), New Zealand (39%) and Malaysia (37%).

Instagram has 1.9M users in Singapore. 54% are female and almost 85% are younger than 45.

There seems to be a rise of the ‘Insta-Gran’ in Singapore. 33% of Internet users aged 55-65 now use Instagram.

Global Social Media Statistics

There are over 7.773 billion Internet users, representing 50% of the world’s total population. This is amazing considering that Tim Berners-Lee introduced us to the World Wide Web only in 1989.

The global average Internet penetration rate is 50%.

There are 2.789 social media users, giving us a global average penetration rate of 37%.

Most of these social media users (2.489 billion) will use their mobile to access their accounts. Mobile social media penetration stands at 34% of global Internet users.

The social media growth rate in Asia-Pacific (APAC) is over 50% year-on-year.

This means that there are over 1.5 billion using social media in APAC. More interestingly, 95% of these people access social media via their mobile devices. This is the highest ratio in the world.

There are over a billion smartphone users in APAC.

There are 4.917 mobile Internet users, representing a penetration rate of 66%.

The global share of web traffic has grown very quickly. 2017 marks the first year that mobile traffic is more than desktop traffic. Mobile is now 50.3% of web traffic.

Facebook Statistics 2017

It comes as no surprise that the largest social network in the world is Facebook. It’s the gorilla in the social media space as the top three largest networks all belong to Facebook. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it would have a larger population than China.

social media users worldwide

Facebook is the top social network in 119 out of 149 countries.

facebook top social media network

In fact, 22% of the world’s population is on Facebook.

Instagram is a close second, especially in the Southeast Asia region.

Of those 1.871 billion Facebook users, over 87% of them access Facebook using their mobile devices.

Most Facebook users fall between the 18 – 34 age groups. This will differ widely across regions though.

In Asia-Pacific, 427 million users log into Facebook daily. This is the largest number of daily active users in the world.

Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages.

On average, each person can be exposed to up to 1,500 messages whenever they open their Facebook newsfeed. That’s a lot of competition for their attention.

Every minute, there are an average of 500,000 new Facebook ‘Likes’.

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users.

LinkedIn Statistics 2017

LinkedIn has over 450 million users.

The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the site per month.

91% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn for sharing content.

92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms

71% of professionals feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content.

Instagram Statistics 2017

The Snapchat and Instagram penetration rate in Asia-Pacific (APAC) stands at 15% and 39% respectively.

Instagram has over 400 million active users of which 80% are based outside of the United States.

48.8% of brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7%

68% of Instagram users engage with brands regularly, as compared to 32% of Facebook users who regularly engage with brands.

Instagram is fast becoming the new window shop. 60% of users say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by an Instagram post.


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