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How to Increase Sales in Lazada & Shopee

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The 21st century has seen a remarkable upgrade in how businesses operate worldwide. Through ecommerce, you can sell your products over the internet and can reach millions of potential customers regardless of any geographical restrictions.

However, with the growing popularity of these services, businesses around the world became inclined towards selling the products through ecommerce websites. As a result, the ecommerce industry saw an influx of online platforms that serve in building your own online store. Choosing the right platform is like finding a needle in a haystack but it is also the most important aspect as the right platform will define the extent of your sales as well as your brand awareness.

Southeast Asian countries became the hub for ecommerce industry due to the vast market and business opportunities. Among these, Malaysia and Singapore became the most prominent ones. In these countries, the ecommerce industry reached a $38 billion mark in 2019 and is expected to escalate even more rigorously.

Lazada and Shopee are two of the most prominent ecommerce companies that are believed to be at the center of this exponential growth. In the southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore, Lazada and Shopee have become a leading choice for most businesses.

Lazada has been ranked as the number one website in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines in terms of being the most downloaded ecommerce app. Shopee enjoys a similar position in other countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. Apart from this, both these companies are recognized as having the highest monthly active users in Southeast Asian countries.

But, the popularity of these platforms and their presence in the ecommerce world has attracted numerous businesses which is why increasing your sales on Lazada and Shopee is a challenge on its own. Therefore, to help you increase your sales on these platforms, we bring you some proven tips for both Lazada and Shopee, individually.


Tips to increase sales on Lazada

Content Score

Content score in Lazada defines the impact of your product information on the search and sales on the platform. This impact is calculated by measuring the quality of the content of product information. A Better content score will drive more traffic and inevitably, more sales. To improve your content score on Lazada, you should follow these instructions

  • The mandatory attributes should have clear, concise, and high-quality content.
  • Include at least 3 product images
  • Fill the key product information attributes properly
  • Get quality content for the product description as per word count.

After following these instructions, you should go to the performance section and check your score. If the score is below 80, you can click on the “Improve Now” button and complete the necessary changes.

Lazada’s ranking algorithm

At a core level, Lazada’s ranking algorithm matches your product title and keywords with the search terms. Another factor involved in giving your product a higher rank is “Sales last week” and “Sales last 30 days”. Therefore, if you want to get a higher ranking, you should include high-quality and appropriate content for your product. You can also include discounts and promotions to increase your sales and maintain that position.

 Lazada resources

Use the resources available at the Lazada Seller Center to increase your sales. To get more exposure to your product, you can apply to the Lazada promotional activity.

You can also leverage the courses, workshops, and materials given at Lazada university. These services of Lazada university can be extremely beneficial in enhancing your sales. You can enrol in the university here.

Get an edge over your competitors

To make sure that if people view your product they buy it, in other words, to increase your ‘click-through rates’, offer something more to your customers such as

  • Competitive price
  • Good ratings and reviews
  • Free shipping
  • Impactful images

Tips to increase sales on Shopee


To increase your visibility to potential buyers, Shopper gives you a My Campaign feature which brings your product to the forefront. Although Shopee provides such campaigns for free, there are certain criteria for product nomination.

  • Optimum product description
  • Impactful Images
  • Willingness to give a 10-20% discount if approved.
  • Competitive prices

Flash sale

Flash sale is what appears on the first screen which is visible to the buyers when they visit Shopee. Flash sales are the fastest and surest way to get more traffic to your product. However, there are certain requirements to hold a flash sale.

  • The discount percentage should be within the Accepted Discount Range of the nomination agreement.
  • The product should be relative to the chosen category requirement for flash sale by Shopee.
  • You should have sufficient product quantity
  • A start and end time


Vouchers like coins, discounts, or cashbacks help you attract and retain more customers. There are two types of vouchers – product vouchers applicable to specific products and shop vouchers applicable to all products in a shop. To create a voucher in Shopee, first, go to the seller centre and then the marketing centre.  Click on the “vouchers” tab and then click on the “Create new voucher” button. You can enjoy full control over your vouchers like details, end date, start date, voucher code, times of usage, etc.


While Lazada is recognized as the largest e-commerce operator in Southeast Asia with over 50 million active users, Tech in Asia has recognized Shopee as one of the 5 disruptive e-commerce startups in 2015. Both of these e-commerce platforms provide an ocean of opportunity to the sellers, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.  Both of these platforms offer a wide range of resources that you can leverage to increase your sales. But, the huge competition and numerous products have always been a challenge to the sellers which is why following the tips mentioned in this blog can play a crucial role in defining the extent of your sales on these platforms.

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