What the Google Love Story Can Tell Us About Buyer Intent

What the Google Love Story Can Tell Us About Buyer Intent

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Google Love Story
First shown during the third quarter of Superbowl 2010, the Google Love Story is Google’s first foray into television advertising. And they completely nailed it. This is what a good advertisement is all about – it tells a story about a company’s products in an engaging and memorable way.

It has been watched almost 7 million times on YouTube. It also teaches us another lesson…

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What You Can Take Away from the Google Love Story

As you watch the video, you feel connected to the user, even though all it shows is Google’s familiar search bar. From the terms he uses, you get glimpses of his persona and have no trouble understanding what his intentions are. Indeed, search engines have been called the ‘Database of Intentions’.

As John Battelle states, web searches are “a place holder for the intentions of humankind — a massive database of desires, needs, wants, and likes that can be discovered, subpoenaed, archived, tracked, and exploited to all sorts of ends…Such a beast has never before existed in the history of culture, but is almost guaranteed to grow exponentially from this day forward.”

Through tools such as Google Keyword Tool and Google Analytics, you are able to determine what search terms are being used that are related to your offering. What terms are being used? Are they searching for a particular feature? How far along are they in the buying process when they reach my website?

If they are using general searches such ‘TV’ or ‘LED TV’, you know that they are still in their information search phase. If they are using ‘buy Samsung 42 inch LED TV Penang’, then they have almost decided on what they want and are looking to make a purchase.

So, check your analytics and what your buyer’s intentions are now. Once you figure that out, you can find content gaps and create content that brings them further along their sales journey. This will help improve both your natural search results (ie a SEO benefit) and your PPC efforts.