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The Digital Marketing Round Up: June 2017

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Social Media News

FAQ: Everything Facebook has Admitted About its Measurement Errors

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is your access to data. We like to assume that the data we receive, especially from giant companies such as Facebook and Google, are accurate and a true reflection of our results. However, that’s not always the case. Facebook has been caught out numerous times for giving misleading or wrong data in its Insights. For example, they frequently misreported engagement statistics for off-Facebook links. Click through to discover more Facebook errors.

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Say Goodbye to Those Fake Likes: Huge Click Farm Discovered in Thailand

You’ve probably heard of the term click farm before, but have you ever seen one? Well, here’s one and it’s quite an eye-opener. I have always assumed that click farms were software-based operations, but apparently this one was caught with 500 phones and 350,000 SIM cards.

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Google Posts Now Live for all Google My Business Users

Google brings its post functionality to all Google My Business users. GMB users can now share daily specials, promote events and showcase top products using Google Posts.

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YouTube Studio Beta on the way with New Design, Inbox Features & Way to Organise Comments

YouTube is reinventing its YouTube Creator Studio to help creators manage their channels better. The desktop platform will include new features such as a ‘smart’ inbox and a new way to organise comments.

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Search Marketing News

Canada’s Supreme Court Orders Google to De-index Site Globally, Opening Door to Censorship

The Canadian Supreme Court has delivered a ruling requiring Google de-index an e-commerce site globally in Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc., et al. The ruling was surprising and far-reaching as it opened the doors for other governments and private individuals to censor Google.

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The June 25 Google Update: What You Should Do Now

There was significant movement in the SERPs on 25 June, leading SEOs to believe that there was a Google update. John Mueller of Google confirmed it on Twitter on 27 June, but didn’t provide additional details so we don’t yet know what it was and the impact it has. Data is currently being collected and we hope to know more about it soon.

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Google Now Removing Medical Records From its Search Results

Google has announced that it start excluding medical records from its search results. Other information that Google excludes from its records are personal and sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, images of signatures and government-issued personal identification numbers.

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EU Slaps Google with $2.7B Antitrust Fine for Favouring its own Content in Search Results

The European Commission has fined Google the gargantuan amount of US$2.7 billion after it found that Google was guilty of favouring its own results in shopping search results over others. This anti-trust action has been going on for over a decade. While the fine was expected, the amount was not. Early reports suggested the fine to be up to a maximum of US$1 billion. Google might just pull shopping search results from the EU rather than comply. They did something similar in Spain by removing news results rather than complying with what it felt was restrictive copyright laws.

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