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Our approach to our web design Malaysia projects is driven by the same CLOUDROCK philosophy as our other efforts – ensuring that you’ll get a website that works. As you find out more, you will soon realize that our web design services is well-suited for you – whether you’re looking for a minimum viable marketing platform or to conquer your industry’s digital space.

Our Web Design Philosophy

A website is just a way for companies to take advantage of the Internet to increase revenue. A website – done right – allows even a small company to achieve the same kind of presence and visibility as their largest competitors.

  • Online Marketing Platform – We are marketers, first and foremost. You want a website to help you market your products and services to the world. Just like a great product still has to be marketed, you know that simply having a pleasant-looking website is not enough. That’s where we come in.
  • Clean & Minimal Design – The bells and whistles of the design overshadow your sites’ purpose and content. You don’t want a trendy design that has to be changed every year. You want a simple and clean design that presents your company in the best possible light.
  • Easy Navigation – Visitors come to your website to find information, not to admire the design or to ‘hang around’. That’s what Facebook is for. We make sure your visitors can find what they want and fast.

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Malaysia Web Design the CLOUDROCK Way

1) Discovery | User Story Development

We find out more about your company, business goals and what your expectations are for your website. We recommend you download and read through our Creative Brief before our meeting.

We will prepare and send you a quotation once we have collected your requirements and user stories. We can then begin the next phase of our website design process after you send us a purchase order for the website.

Define User Stories for Website
Website Sitemap

2) Define | Site Architecture

Based on your requirements, we create your site’s wireframes. This document shows how the content and information on your website will be organized.

  • We then send you the wireframes for approval.
  • At the same time, you can send us all the copy, images and digital assets that you want included in your website.

3) Develop | Designing & Programming Begins

We begin the design and programming phase to bring your website to life. We integrate your copy, images and other digital media as discussed.

This should take between 10-20 working days depending on the complexity of the design.

Web Development Malaysia
Refining Your Web Design

4) Refine | Ensuring Everything’s Working Well

We tie up all the loose ends and make your website customer ready. We test for and fix all major bugs and check your links and functions to ensure they work properly.

  • We complete a series of other tests, such as cross-browser tests, to make sure your website’s perfect.

5) Review | Requirements Met

We’ll have a review meeting, either in person or virtually, look over your website and determine if any minor changes need to be made. Please note that any major revisions at this point will be quoted for and charged accordingly.

  • Review will be in a live environment hosted on our server.
Review Your New Website
Release New Website

6) Release | Handover of Website

Upon receipt of your final payment, we will deploy your website online. It’s alive!

  • Inform your customers about your new website.
  • Use it to help your business grow!
  • Get new features when you need them.

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