Don't Lose All of Your Keyword Rankings
When You Redesign Your Website

If you're serious about your online strategy, then you must already be redesigning your website every few years to keep things fresh and more, importantly, to ensure your visitors keep converting. What you might not know is that a website redesign can be disastrous for your search engine optimisation efforts.

More often than not, a website redesign has led to massive drops in ranking. This is true even if there is no domain change involved.

There are certain steps that you should always undertake when embarking on a website redesign project to protect your search engine rankings. These includes performing a link audit, preparing a redirection plan and performing an SEO audit among others.

Our team at CloudRock has executed many SEO for website redesign projects. We can help mitigate any ranking loss or other search engine penalties that might arise from redesigning your website.

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